International Taekwon-Do Federation South Africa

The National Governing Body for Original ITF Taekwon-Do.

Please contact us for more information regarding Dojang Affiliations.


Juche Taekwon-Do Dojang                   

Bronwen Bradley (Chief Instructor)             ITF: 4th Dan - National Instructor  

Dance Cafe, Cnr Wessels & 9th, Rivonia, Sandton                                                     

email  | 082-922-3840 | Facebook




Byongae Taekwon-Do Dojang 

Sonya Rebelo (Chief Instructor)                   ITF: 4th Dan - National Instructor

Randburg, Johannesburg

email | 082-923-3902 | Facebook   


Elements Taekwon-Do Dojang

Julia Wright (Chief Instructor)                      ITF: 4th Dan - Certified Int. Instructor 

Sandringham, Johannesburg

email  | 073-311-6846 | Facebook



Bulpae Taekwon-Do Academy

Michelle Rahl (Chief Instructor)                   ITF: 5th Dan - Certified Int. Instructor 

Matrix Warehouse Buildin, Alberton North,

Bulpae Taekwon-Do Centre

Ross Hislop (Chief Instructor)                     ITF: 3rd Dan - National Instructor 

Kenton Primery School, Martha Street, Brackenhurst

                                                       email  | 083-602-6092 | Facebook

Jeongsin Taekwon-Do Dojang

Fabio Gabriel (Co-Chief Instructor)             ITF: 3rd Dan - National Instructor 

Roberto Pinheiro (Co-Chief Instructor)       ITF: 3rd Dan - National Instructor 

Southern Suburbs Recreational Centre,       1A Berg Street, Rosettenville,                 (Above the box office)

email  | 076-818-9458 | Facebook


Tong Il Taekwon- Do Dojang

Andre Basson (Chief Instructor)                  ITF: 5th Dan - Certified Int. Instructor 

101 George Storrar Ave,                  Groenkloof, Pretoria

email  | 073-481-4693 | Facebook 


Cape Town

DO Martial Arts Centres

Green Point, Cape Town

Chase Watkin-Jones (Co-Chief Instructor)       ITF: 4th Dan - Certified Int. Instructor

email | 072-550-6987 | Facebook | Showreel


UCT Taekwon-Do Dojang  

Matthew Esof (Chief Instructor)                   ITF: 4th Dan - Certified International Instructor

University of Cape Town

email  | 063-129-5148 | Facebook 

Port Elizabeth

 Libre Taekwon-Do Dojang

Marc Chong-Seng (Co-Chief Instructor)      ITF: 3rd Dan - National Instructor              email  | 083-732-0837 | Facebook

Ignatius Ajuebor (Co-Chief Instructor)        ITF: 2nd Dan - National Instructor 

Humewood, Port Elizabeth

email  | 073-072-7976 | Facebook




Legacy Taekwon-Do Dojang 

Tony Ribeiro (Chief Instructor)                     ITF: 5th Dan - Certified International Instructor

Alex Ribeiro (Assistant Instructor)              ITF: 3rd Dan 

Prestige baby Academy, Ballito 

email  | 061-398-9025